WOLFF Arnaud


Campus Unistra


61 Avenue de la Forêt Noire - 67000 Strasbourg

N° de bureau : 126

Titre de la thèse

  • Social incentives and the strategic nature of beliefs and preferences

Direction de thèse

  • Gisèle Umbhauer

Présentation de la thèse

  • The recent decades have observed a surge in findings, from the laboratory and the field, describing how human behavior consistently differs from the predictions of classical economic and game-theoretic models. These findings have led to the emergence of new "behavioral" models, often with a psychological motivation, that aim at better explaining and predicting behavior. The principal objective of this thesis is to reevaluate this "behavioral" shift in economics and game-theory and to propose an alternative grounded in the idea that standard economic and game-theoretic tools can be successfully applied in understanding the very deviations from the predictions of classical models, provided that researchers adequately take into consideration the social incentives that individuals face.