Cliometrics, History of Economic Thought

Cliometric research is underpinned by theories of growth and economic cycles. We employ historical archives, theoretical mathematical models, and empirical work in certain priority areas: human capital, demographics, finance, etc. In the history of economic thought, the preferred methodological approach is neither thematic nor doctrinal, but based on the analysis of texts. Texts are conceived as instruments for the formulation and exploration of a research question.

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Focus on...

  • Cliometrica – Journal of Historical Economics and Econometric History, published by Springer Editions with the support of the Association Française de Cliométrie and the Cliometric Society.
  • Starting in September 2021 the BETA-REGARDS seminars on “Economic Philosophy” (organized by Samuel Ferey, Cyril Hédoin and Herrade Igersheim)
  • Latest publications

    Imperfect coordination in DSGE models: The resurgence of Keynes in mainstream macroeconomics

    CLERC Pierrick, DOS SANTOS FERREIRA Rodolphe (à paraître)

    European Journal of the Histoty of Economic Thought

    The Role of Cliometrics in History and Economics

    DIEBOLT Claude, HAUPERT Michael (à paraître)

    Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method, Bloomsbury Publishing, London.

    Friedrich Engel : penseur qui identifia révolution et science (en turc)

    EGE Ragip (à paraître)

    PRAKSIS, Dört Aylik Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi.

    Experimentation in economics

    IGERSHEIM Herrade, LEFEBVRE Mathieu (à paraître)

    in C. Allamel-Raffin, J.-L. Gangloff, and Y. Gingras (eds), Experiments in social sciences, Springer